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Laminating Machine

Laminating machine also called as laminator is a device with roll to seal documents with clear plastic film with matte look and glossy look. This device is primary used by printing company for industrial type of laminating machine.
Today there are also available in the market place, laminator for home, small office and schools. The main market for desktop laminating machine is copy center. But with high demand worldwide they also give their user a simple step to laminated their paper at home with small size pouch laminator or sheet laminating machine.

Marketplace give you a few type to choice. First think to choose is cold or thermal laminator, then which feeder you want from roll to pouch. After that choose the size that meet your need.
If you choose pouch laminator, maybe you will need laminator carrier too.

Laminating machine categories by user is industrial laminating machine, professional laminating machine and desktop laminating machine.

Industrial Laminating Machine.
We all know the industrial type machine need to be fast, easy to use and cost-effective. Wide format roll laminating machine meet that criteria, so if you can visit printing company they always use the big size laminator with roll laminating film. Thermal roll laminating machine and cold roll laminating machine is a kind of industrial type.

Professional Laminating Machine.
For small business and large office use, this is ideal to use small size roll laminating machine or large size pouch laminator. For example visit copy center near you. Most important feature for professional laminating machine is fast heat up in second. This kind of laminator is available in thermal pouch laminator, thermal roll laminator, cold pouch laminator and cold roll laminator.

Desktop Laminating Machine.
Small office, schools and home is target market for this kind of laminator. With small size and standard features for laminated all kind of paper and also low price and low energy. The desktop laminating machine is available in thermal and cold pouch laminating machine.

To laminated paper all you need is laminator and plastic film, there are five general categories of laminating film based on articles at wikipedia.
They are :
Standard Thermal Laminating Films.
Low-Temperature Thermal Laminating Films.
Heatset (or heat-assisted) Laminating Films.
Pressure-sensitive Films.
Liquid Laminate (UV Varnish).

Roll Laminating Machine
For main business this machine is powerfull, the speed rates up to 20meters per minute give you much money in short time. Roll laminating machine have two type, for offset printing is usually use thermal roll laminating machine and if you want to make something like x-banner you need cold roll laminating machine.

Pouch Laminating Machine
The ideal type of laminator for home and small office also schools. This mini size laminator is strong enough to laminated all kind of paper and also ID Cards for employee and students cards. Pouch laminator sometime need laminator carrier.

Thermal Laminating Machine
This device use heat to melting adhesive at laminating film and pressure it to make plastic film and paper stick together. Thermal laminating machine is a favorite types of laminators with wide range of size from desktop to industrial size.

Cold Laminating Machine
See xbanner or any indoor banner that you can find, that paper is coated with plastic film. To make it sticky digital printing company make it with cold laminating machine. The system is make film stick to paper with pressure, the cold laminating film have an adhesive inside it just like stickers.

Laminating Machine Price Range
If you want to buy laminating machine, of course all you need is review and how much you must spend your money on it. For laminating machine based on user this is the price range :
Industrial Laminating Machine is about $2.000 - $19.000 per unit
Professional Laminating Machine is about $500 - $2.000 per unit
Desktop Laminating Machine is about $25-$500
The price is based research from laminating machine supplier and wholesaler. They are importers of laminating machine. The cheap laminating machine is come from china unbranded and sometimes importers give that device name with their own brand.

Laminating Machine Brand
GBC and Fellowes is leader, also you can find other brand such as purple cow, royal sovereign, staples and other. But my favorite one is the unbranded from china, because they are cheap, easy to find parts and if you have too much problem you can buy new one without worry about price tag.

Best Place to Buy Laminator
The best to find it is local store, because this is a heavyweight device that maybe cost more if you buy it online because shipping cost. But if you buy laminating machine in bulk, online store is the best. Buy it full container load and make a new business.

Maintenance Laminator
Easy to do, all you need is make sure all roller is clean. You can use water with some chemical for rubber to cleaning it.

Business Opportunity
Printing company always need laminator, if you find printing company that doesn't have this one, you can buy industrial laminating machine an give a proposal to them to order laminating to you.
Other opportunity is make a little copy center or maybe become laminating machine and office supply wholesale for local store near you.

That's it, maybe I will update this post sometime. Now you know anything you need about laminating machine.


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